Terms, Conditions and Explanations

Images on this site have been scanned directly as JPEG files, mostly at 2900dpi from 35mm negatives. They have also been rotated, cropped and adjusted using Photoshop. Medium resolution/quality watermarked copies by email are 5.50 each for private, non-commercial use.

Use on web sites must be agreed in advance. Use small (max 480 px) watermarked images provided by R G Brown at an additional charge of 1.00 per image, and with due acknowledgement of the source.

Please contact me for other image options if the above do not meet your needs.

Inkjet prints on ISO A paper sizes can also be provided:

A6 5.00 - A5 7.00 - A4 9.00

plus postage and packing depending on size, weight and destination.

The actual printed area of a print depends on the aspect ratios of the image and the printing paper. Photographs are normally 3:2 ratio from 35mm film or DSLR originals and 4:3 from other digital cameras. Tightly framed images cannot be cropped very much so original aspect ratios are used for this web site.

Re-cropping at 297:210 will be attempted before printing to fill ISO A sizes, but it is not always possible. When this cannot be done, there will be a small blank margin on one side of ISO A size paper. As a guide, 3:2 images leave a small margin on the long side, 4:3 on the short. Similar considerations apply to other print sizes. Differential scaling to completely fill a print is possible, but distorts the proportions of the subject.

Please contact me for other print options if the above do not meet your needs.

Use the 'orders' email link on my home page for ordering and I will send an invoice to confirm your requirements. Payment in advance of the full invoice amount is required before delivery.

UK customers may pay using PayPal, EFT or cheque drawn on UK bank

Non UK customers must agree an acceptable method in advance of payment.

Prior permission must be obtained for use of R G Brown copyright images in websites, books, other publications or any other visual media. Reproduction fees for commercial use are additional to the cost of the images themselves and must be negotiated in advance of publication. Reproduction fees, when charged, are payable in advance as advised at the time.

Copyright of all prints and images used on and supplied through this website is retained by R G Brown, unless agreed otherwise.